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Anna Moates and Anna Penland met at Auburn University when Anna M. was touring, as a potential member of Auburn University’s EAGLES Program. The program is a unique experience for those with intellectual disabilities to thrive on a college campus- to live independently, have jobs, attend classes, and make awesome friends. Anna P. was serving as a volunteer at the event, excited to meet some new friends on campus. From the moment they met, not only did they realize that they had the same name, height, and hair color. There was SO much they had in common that there was only ONE name they could call each other: “twin.” Anna M. started her journey as a member of the program in Fall 2018, as the first ever student with Down syndrome to attend Auburn, and they have been best friends ever since. 

Most people like to celebrate that people are “all the same,” but that really isn’t true- which is why the twins decided to start going by The “Almost” Twins. This almost signifies the beautiful difference in not only someone with Down syndrome and their typical peers, but each and every one on this planet. We all have something unique to celebrate! Think about it- do you have something in common with somebody but are also able to explore how you are different? Maybe you have an Almost Twin too!

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