Here are some links to sites we really encourage as useful tools to learn more about Down syndrome and encourage inclusion and awareness!

Check out the EAGLES Program at Auburn University, which is how we met! It’s a post secondary program for those with disabilities to attend Auburn and take classes, while learning social and independence skills.

Ruby’s Rainbow provides scholarships to people that have Down syndrome to attend school. Anna M. is a few time Rockin’ Recipient.

Use National Down Syndrome Society to educate yourself about Down syndrome, it’s qualities, programs to get involved with, and some helpful tips!

NVISION center’s article helps us understand the health of those with Down syndrome.]

National Down Syndrome Congress is a fantastic advocacy group that promotes the interests of people with Down syndrome and helps them find themselves and their passions!

National 4-H helps people in the community be mentored, enjoy camps, and gain so much confidence!

KIND of the Upstate is a South Carolina organization that does hands on awareness and inclusion practices with children around their community! Awareness= Acceptance, which starts at a young age!

Bitty and Beaus is one of our favorite coffee shops. They have locations all over the US, and their shops are run by people with disabilities. Check out their story- it’s truly amazing! defined