How People Are Using The Book

Classroom Usage:

Our book has been used in Pre-School- Fifth Grade classrooms thus far to help spread awareness about friendship and inclusion in schools. Teachers say that the kids are constantly asking about Down syndrome and pointing out their own differences, after reading the book together! So exciting to be celebrating and noticing those differences to normalize from a young age.

Event Topics:

Camp Cole of South Carolina has an organization called Cole’s Kids, where main values are promoted: the awareness of the needs of others, to teach core values, and provide a sense of commitment to the community. Their opening meeting featured a Q and A, reading, and signing of the book because it lined up with their values so well: Empathy, Inclusion, Awareness, Community, Responsibility, Leadership, and Courage.

Medical Usage:

-A Georgia Pediatric Therapy Clinic has our book in their waiting room to help provide an inclusive experience for their patients upon arrival. They want to promote hope for those with disabilities and help their friends and siblings best understand how to interact and be encouraging!

-Student in USC’s Master’s of Psychology Program brought the book in to talk about child’s play.

-OT School student used book as an example for a class project!


Bed time stories have been amped up this year with “Almost Twins,” as a new choice!