Our Book

In Fall 2019, Anna P. was in a children’s literature class for her major- Early Childhood Education. The professor discussed how underrepresented people with disabilities are in kid’s books. Anna P. called Anna M. after class and asked her if she ever “saw” someone with Down syndrome in books at a young age. As the answer was “no,” we decided this needed to change! From there, we wrote every single week for almost a year and a half to come up with the manuscript to “Almost Twins: A Story of Friendship and Inclusion.” We are so thankful for the many close family and friends that gave valued input into the book that exists now. We wanted to make sure that children with Down syndrome and other disabilities knew that they mattered. Also, we wanted those children to physically see themselves in a book and know their worth because a disability is something that makes up your identity in a positive way- it makes you, YOU! We really want to normalize our differences from a young age because that is how we become comfortable with the unfamiliar.

Now, we have sold over 1,000 copies of the book and look forward to spreading the message of friendship and inclusion far and wide!

The Amazon book link is attached below! Please check out our “Places Selling The Book” tab to view other ways to buy your own copy! Books make great gifts for teachers, speech therapists, local libraries, children’s hospitals, and more! Let us know how you’re using the book to be featured on our “How The Book Is Being Used” page!